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Parent - Teacher - Student Agreement

Our goal is to engage parents, students, and teachers in the education process to maximize LEARNING and increase opportunities for success for all students. To accomplish this goal, parents, students, and teachers must work together! Please review the lists below and sign in the appropriate area to indicate your commitment to fulfill your educational responsibilities. 



Student Responsibilities 

  • I will arrive on time – ready to learn – with the proper materials – each day. 
  • I will follow the campus and classroom rules. 
  • Each night I will complete any assigned homework, talk with my parents about my school day and what I learned, and show them any notes or letters sent home with me. 



Parent Responsibilities 

  • I will ensure that my child arrives at school on time each day – ready to learn – with the proper materials. 
  • I will be active in my child’s learning – help him/her meet and exceed the state’s academic achievement standards. 
  • I will participate in decisions related to the education of my child and support extracurricular activities when possible. 
  • I will closely monitor my child’s attendance, academic progress, and behavior at school. 
  • I will attend at least one parent – teacher conference at school per year. I will request additional conferences as needed.  
  • I will discuss my child’s needs with his/her teachers and communicate often about any concerns or successes to celebrate. 
  • I will actively support and follow safety rules and procedures of the campus and the district. 
  • I will model respectful behavior and communication, responsible actions, and safe behavior at home and on campus. 
  • I will volunteer during regular school hours or at the after-school events or join my child for lunch when my schedule permits. 



Teacher Responsibilities 

  • I will have a positive, respectful attitude and provide an engaging, balanced learning environment each day in my classroom. 
  • I will inform parents about academic goals, their child’s performance, and ways they can assist in the learning process. 
  • I will identify the individual strengths of each student and use a variety of teaching methods to give students multiple pathways to success. 
  • I will conduct a minimum of one face-to-face parent – teacher conference with the parent/guardian of each student. I will request and schedule additional parent conferences as needed. 
  • I will let parents know how to volunteer, participate, or observe in the classroom and on the campus. 
  • I will provide feedback to parents on their child’s progress in meeting state, district, and campus academic standards. 
  • I will listen to all parent input and respond to parents’ needs, request, expectations, and concerns. 
  • I will utilize campus resources to help meet student and parent needs. 
  • I will communicate concerns and successes to celebrate with parents in a timely manner. 
  • I will model professionalism through respectful communication, responsible behavior, and provision of a safe learning environment at all times.