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Cassandra Ray

Cassandra Ray

I’m the Communities in Schools Site Coordinator for House Creek Elementary School. 

CIS is a non-profit program on campus that provides individualized and group services to students in an effort to help make them more successful in school.   

At House Creek, we’re able to provide a virtual art club, weekly yoga sessions, and various activities aimed and promoting self-esteem and community involvement. With the help of other entities on campus, we’ve been able to create cards for nursing home residents and hospitalized soldiers, created symbols of hope, and came up with ways to change the world for the better.  

CIS students get to engage with their classmates in a positive environment that helps create friendships and learn important life skills that will carry on for the rest of their educational careers. 

CIS also provides resources to families that may be experiencing hardship. So many things have happened over the past year that have impacted our lives in ways we’d never expect. From food to clothing to furniture, CIS helps link families with the resources they may need to overcome these trying times. All things we do follow specific confidentiality standards and our hope is to ensure every student has what they need to come to school ready to learn. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 254-518-3000 or email me.

My sole purpose on campus is to support HCES students and families.  

I would love to get to know your students and make their school days brighter!